Botniarosk is responsible for waste management in Southern Ostrobothnia.

Botniarosk´s partner municipalities are:

  • Isojoki
  • Karijoki
  • Kaskinen
  • Kauhajoki
  • Kristiinankaupunki
  • Närpiö
  • Teuva

Botniarosk organises  the waste management service in its owner municipalities

Waste sorting is an important part of waste management in Botniarosk's area. Our primary goal is to utilize all recyclable waste either as material or energy.

Recyclable materials are sorted out by the residents. This means that household glass packages, metal packages and paper are delivered to the nearest ecopoint. Used batteries are delivered to the nearest retail store. Hazardous waste and all recyclable waste are accepted free of charge at the recycling centres. For large-sized combustible waste and landfill waste a fee is charged at the recycling centre.

Everyday waste, such as food waste, packaging from groceries, plastics, wet paper, textiles etc. should be put in the property's container for combustible waste.  A waste transport company empties the waste container at set intervals.