Packaging manufacturers and importers are responsible for packaging recycling in Finland. On behalf of the producers, the collection is organized by Suomen Pakkauskierrätys RINKI Oy. Municipal waste companies can supplement Rinki's collection if they wish, and Botniarosk has more than 60 own ecopoints in the area. The waste ends up in ecopoints for recycling.

Ecopoints receive:

Glass packaging:

Empty glass bottles and glass jars.

Metal packaging:

Tins, non-deposit beverage cans, metal lids, caps and closures, aluminium trays, foil and covers, non-pressurised aerosol cans, pots and pans and other small metal objects (nails, screws, fittings, etc.)


Newspapers and magazines, adverts, brochures and other similar printed products, paperback books and hardcover books with the covers removed.


At the Rinki ecopoints also:

Carton packaging:

Corrugated cardboard boxes, cartons, e.g. milk and juice cartons, cartons for dry products, e.g. cereal and biscuit packets, disposable tableware made of cardboard and toilet and kitchen roll tubes.

Plastic packaging can be returned at five ecopoints:

Plastic food packaging such as yoghurt pots, butter tubs and packaging for colt cuts, cheese and ready meal, detergent, shampoo and soap packaging, plastic bottles, cans and jars, plastic carrier bags, bags and wrappings.

 Location of ecopoints

At some ecopoints UFF collects clean clothes, shoes, textiles, bags and toys for resuse.

UFF clothing collection points

At some ecopoints is a locked container intended for holiday homes combustible waste.

The locked bins for combustible waste