Households must contact a transport company that handles waste disposal. The requirement is a waste container for combustible waste, or common container with your neighbours.

Contact your transport company to agree on emptying the waste container.

Combustible waste is emptied during the summer at least every 2 weeks and if house is inhabited by 1-2 people at least every 4 weeks. During the winter months waste is emptied at least every 4 weeks without needing to send a separate application to the waste committee.

In order to extend the emptying intervals, a written application must be made to waste committee.

Waste Committee

All households must be connected to the municipal waste service. If you only produce a small amount of waste, then we recommend using a small waste container and optimised emptying intervals. A common container with the neighbour is also an option.


Other waste

Paper, metal packaging and glass packaging  are brought to the nearest ecopoint. Cardboard can also be sorted and brought to an Rinki ecopoint.


You can bring, among other things, plastic packaging, energy waste, wood waste, metal, glass, electrical and electronic waste, hazardous waste, brick and garden waste to the recycling station.

Recycling stations